Version 2Aleksandra is an entrepreneur and results mentor who works with individuals and corporations helping them to improve their productivity, effectiveness and income. She uses highly structured, step by step process to achieve and stretch personal and professional goals. She has been personally mentored for over a year by Bob Proctor, who is the best teacher on human potential out there. Working with Aleksandra brings the best out of her clients and she proves that success is not a secret, it’s a process. Once learned, understood and applied, an individual creates results far beyond their expectations.

Aleksandra has a corporate background in finance. She was always driven to achieve a great success in her career as well as her personal life. Inspired by highly successful people who make things happen she kept expanding her knowledge in the financial world. Originally from Poland, she left her home country at a young age to pursue her education abroad. She has studied in the US, UK and Canada to make her dreams come true. After spending 7 years in a corporate world, getting a broad education and work experience in finance, she released there is a huge gap between what people know (information gathered on intellectual level) and what they actually do (productivity level). That led her to study more about human potential and behaviour, which at a later stage led her to Bob Proctor’s teachings. Bob explains the relationship between our conditioning that we develop at a very early age that dictates the results we get in our adult life. The information has blown her curies mind away and she decided to get a full understanding of the human mind and mechanics of human behaviour.

Since the moment of that decision everything in her life started to change quickly. Fascinated by the information she’s changed careers and became certified by Bob Proctor at Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI). She wanted to work with PGI sharing this process that leads people to success quicker and with more clarity. It works with anyone who wants to improve their professional or personal results. Quickly rising to becoming one of the top consultants in the world, Aleksandra is improving lives of hundreds across the world. Her mission is simple: “If you tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it.”