Dealing and Coping with Stress

How to recognise our body is under stress?

The stress response is the electrical and chemical realise in the brain. The chemical and electrical release causes something knowns as feeling.

So, a feeling is our awareness of the vibration that our body is in. We have been gifted with the ability to feel and to know.

Here are some of the sings of stress:

1) You just freeze and don’t take action, because you don’t feel like it. The body shuts down.
2)You distract yourself – so you go off to do something else, basically you run away from what needs to get done
3)You fight, trying to come up with the energy trying to do and you fight the internal system and the feeling you have

When you do all thee too long you are highly unproductive. The chances are you can get to a BURN OUT. In burn out state the easy stuff is difficult and the hard stuff is nearly impossible.



1)One of the easiest scientifically proven ways to hit the reset button is to STOP and take 6 deep breaths… This simple and quick solution will instantly calm your nervous system and lower your blood pressure
Scientific proof: when you are stressed out chances are your breathing shallows, palm and forehead is sweaty, your blood pressure goes up, an you are in a flight or fight more (parasympathetic system), which means you are basically in first gear and you try to go as hard as you can… You get the picture, right?

Breathing helps you to shift to sympathetic nervous system, which means your body is more relaxed, your digestive system comes to balance and your blood pressure lowers.

You activate your cortex again, which is in your front part of the brain, so called the genius part.

The key then is the AWARENESS gives you CHOICE and the SKILL gives you FREEDOM.

2) If you are so stressed out and cant take it anymore you need a DAY or TWO OFF to replenish the nervous system.

For example, if someone is using drugs every day that fire up the neurones, where there is a lot of realise of dopamine, or cortisol or epinephrin to excite the neurones, or someone is drinking a lot of coffee all day long to excite adrenaline glens, and not give yourself rest that leads to BURN OUT

In burn out you are SHUTTING DOWN the GENIUS part of the brain. You can’t do the things to be more loving, more carrying, more kind, more productive. There are so many negative consequences to severe stress.


Now, what most people do is counter productive —> “Let me work a bit harder, let me do a bit more..” They are increasing stress response mechanism in the brain, then you can highjack some of the brain, so that becomes its normal way of operating and then you start ti affect the nine systems in your body, like your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, your digestive system etc. They are all connected and if you don’t give them chance to REST, or RECOVER and REPLENISH you will BURN OUT.